Special FX – Co2 effect Antari m7 – Bubble Machine

Global Event Production has in stock several smoke machines like co2 Antari m7 with integrated LED and also powerful bubble machines.

These machines have already proven themselves at Folies Bourgeoises and Apéros Urbains.

The Antari M7 has the following features:

CO2 effect

Smoke machines mimic a CO2 effect by blowing a thick cloud of smoke upward. This effect is frequently used and usually requires gas tanks as well as specific launchers. Thanks to their robust design, the M4 and M7 smoke machines are ideal for use on stage. They can throw smoke both horizontally and vertically. The liquid reservoir is housed in a separate section and is manufactured in such a way that no liquid can leak, regardless of the position of the machine. All versions are equipped with a PowerCon plug and a DMX connection. They also have the advantage of being easy to fix.

Wireless DMX

This technology was developed by our partner Wireless Solutions in Sweden. The signal is stable and its range can reach up to 700 m. The range of options available for special effects is greatly increased. Once the Wireless Solutions transmitter is connected to the DMX line, the wireless smoke machine operates in the same way as the wired version.


If you are looking for additional effects, the Antari M7 is the machine you need. This smoke machine is equipped with 22 LEDs, red, green and blue. As the LEDs are mounted around the nozzle, the plume of smoke is brightly lit from below. Eight DMX channels are available for optimum control and several chases have been pre-programmed.

The Bubble Blast Bubble Machine from American DJ has the following features:

  • Massive production technology of large double fan generating hundreds of bubbles per minute
  • Dual secondary fan elevation system forcing bubbles to rise in the air
  • Includes non-removeable remote timer with On / Off switch
  • Easy-to-fill bubble liquid reservoir
  • Bubble liquid drainage valve system for easy cleaning
  • Uses most bubble liquids
  • On / Off switch on the back of the unit
  • Wheels and two handles for easy transport

Global Event Production has also acquired a number of lantern-type garlands with E27 filament lamps in 20m lengths.

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