Created in 2009, in the “Nivelles Sud” hotel by a team of motivated young people, the “Night of the Rider” has taken off in the high-end facilities of Dolce La Hulpe Brussels. This event, whose primary goal is to bring together all horse and horse enthusiasts in a context different from that of the competition grounds, allows to celebrate with dignity the end of the equestrian season. The riders then trade the sportswear for an evening outfit, thus offering a real prestige to the event.

Seven years later, the “Night of The Rider” is always present in the minds and is regularly on everyone’s lips …

The enthusiasm for this event is undeniable and our hopes for this year 2017 are still important.

The Night Of The Rider 2017 took place this time at the Bustin Audi garage in Wavre, welcoming about 600 people around the equestrian world.

The event on November 11th included guests from Europe with, among them, Philippe Dion, title sponsor of the evening, Christophe Ameeuw, creator of the Longines Master series in Paris, New York and Hong Kong, and also Catherine Thiry , talented sculptress and various Olympic champions and partner such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Baron Rothschild, Schweppes, Cubanisto, …

The evening was animated by Jérémie Charlier, Dj resident of Longines masters and Fred Karato, saxophonist renowned for the Parisian and international electro.

Find all the information and photos on the site of the event.

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