La-haut @ Viage

Miguel-Angel Perez, Mathieu Botta, Thomas Throtten and Lepoldo Profili, famous organizers of “J’peux pas, j’ai piscine” and “Chez Ginette” have launched their new concept “Là-Haut”.

Already a media success with several articles published in LE SOIR, ELLE, LE VIF Weekend, L’Echo, Marie-Claire Belgium, “Aventures d’une Bruxelloise” after the VIP inauguration.

This year, while keeping the height, we came to plant our little seed in the center of Brussels! A city garden, perched high up on the roof of the city, this is your new appointment for the aperitifs of summer.

Between tropical plants, plant walls, hanging wicker seats and panoramic views of the center of Brussels, this rooftop will undoubtedly be the place of all after-works parties this summer.

A terrace, plants and sun! And cocktails, for those of you who handle instagram better than gardening. The menu has been neat, expect to experience delicious discoveries and spend real moments of relaxation and simple pleasures. The layout has been designed with architect Michel Penneman, and we know that you only move for the best. But we do not tell you more, you just have to come “Là-Haut” …

Global Event Production in partnership with the organizers, decorators and Viage provided advice and material for the sound & lights.

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